Cute Gone Sexy (& so not flaky)

I’ve grown up with soft features, a round face and a body you wouldn’t necessarily call “sexy”. But, I’ve managed to master the art of fitting into the definition of “sexy” while maintaining the impish charm so often associated with me. It doesn’t take much, and it doesn’t mean you have to fit into either moulds, it’s just something I wanted to achieve, and I did, with the least effort… Fashion influencer, Cathy shares her secret

Honestly, it sucks to be mistaken for someone much younger than your age. It doesn’t help much in a professional environment, where, somehow, your professionalism and efficiency stems from how old you look. I’ve always had soft features, and I’ve often been referred to as a baby. It’s all good until someone calls you a baby in a humourless conference room filled with deadpan faces. That’s when I decided, looking older, or sexier was the way to go. In hindsight, I was fitting myself into a mould I didn’t belong in, however, it was something I was determined to do. And oh boy, did I nail it!

I started with the way I applied my makeup. It got darker and contouring became the bae I never had (faking cheekbones is better than being called a baby for sure). The next step was changing the way I dressed. Out went my sneakers and anti-fit wardrobe, in came a barrage of body cons, bodysuits, flared pants, block heels and pointed flats – they call it power dressing, I call it anti-baby outfits. The reaction to this change was instant (people at work can be quite shallow!). I was called in for more “serious” conferences, my opinions were taken into consideration, and I generally got a bunch of compliments on how I looked.

It is such a conundrum, you want to be yourself, but you’re fitted into a mould -one that many have tried to fit in in the past. Your ideas somehow seem more relevant when you’re giving the impression of being older than you really are. And we somehow tend to equate experience with skill. For us young millennials, these underlying equations in the office space need to change. But, until then, there’s always makeup and great clothes to help us by. Have you faced a similar experience in the works pace? Share it with me.

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