Eat your way to a slimmer body!

The world where superfoods can make you slimmer is here! If you’re planning a healthy, slimming diet, here’s a list of foods you should eat more, and why! Cathy D’Souza, our wellness expert, approves of this yummy way of weight loss!

Ready to flaunt your bodycon dresses? The path to being toned and healthy is to keep eating a well-balanced, protein-rich, high fibre diet! What better than eating to maintain a great shape?

Add these or increase them to your everyday meals and you’ll be good to go for a simple, easy weight-loss program!

Leafy greens
Kale, spinach, lettuce, cabbage! Extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, leafy greens are great in making you feel full without having to eat any carbs! I mean, who doesn’t like a creamy rich spinach and cheese sauce with their spaghetti or chicken? And crispy lettuce is probably the best part of any good salad!

High in protein and low in saturated fats, fish is great for weight loss! You barely ever need any carbs to go with it. And while fried fish sounds great, so does grilled fish! It’s easy to make up a healthy, filling meal out of fish and veggies. And the best part, fish is great for your heart, your eyes, your hair, your skin, your immunity, your digestion… oof!

Lentils, black beans, kidney beans
Best thing about lentils? They are rich in protein, and complex carbohydrates that boost metabolism and break down your fats! What better ingredient to add to your diet that directly helps you fight fat? And… its yummy!

Soups fill you up fast. You can pair up soup with high fibre, multi-grain breads and call it a great meal. You can add your favorite ingredients and eat it in the healthiest, easily digestible food!

Avocados and olives
There’s no point stating the benefits of avocados again. It’s high time you start adding it to your plates! Avocados and olives help your digestive system to use up all the resting fat in your body. They’re high in protein and other minerals.

An apple a day, keeps the fat away! Apples are highly fibrous and contain polyphenols that helps in digestion. And they’re great for your skin. Bananas are also great for weight loss as they contain resistant starch that directly attack fat.

Who knew that your favourite drink of the day can help you lose weight? Caffeine does not just speed up your day, your thought process and your heart rate, but also your metabolism! How cool is that? But, yes, keep 2 mugs of coffee your limit, as too much caffeine may harm you!

Read about too much ‘healthy’ for a day? Cheat meals on your mind now? Guess what’s also healthy and can still count as your yummiest cheat food? Dark Chocolates!

Yes, eat some dark chocolate once in a while. It contains a unique set of saturated fatty acids that help speed up your metabolism. It also helps curb your cravings for sweets and over-salty food.

Cheers to a great, toned and healthy body!

Forever Yours!

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