Healthy resolutions for the coming weeks?

Cathy D’Souza, our health expert has a few great ideas to kick start your year with good health! Read on.

Dry Month
Pick a date and go a month without drinking. This means no hangovers too, so good news! It helps you maintain your weight if you’re into beer, and can bring your body temperature to become normal and your heart rate to become better. Farewell Alcohol!

Soupy alternates
Every alternate day try out a soup diet, with noodle soups, Thai soups, veggies and other delights. This will help you maintain a healthy diet without indulging in anything that is fried or full of carbs.

Fruity Wednesdays
Keep aside a day to eat fruits. Instead of having a fruit when and if you feel like, set a day, say Wednesday where you fill up on fruits. Try out smoothies, juices and fruit plates through the day between meals.

Bye Bye Butter!
Avoid anything that involves butter. This means cakes and cupcakes, toast and butter cream veggies… everything. Butter is direct fat and however tasty it is, it usually sums up the entire range of food that makes you heavier.

Do one of these at a time and keep a lot of greens and proteins mixed in your food no matter what!

Have a healthy start of the year.

Forever Yours!

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