I Rustle Up the Healthiest Breakfast On A Budget, Here’s How

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what most people don’t realise is that to make it a healthy one, is one helluva effort and it is expensive – well, mostly. But here’s the thing, I do a mix of stuff that’s interesting and does not burn a hole in the pocket every morning – and most of all, everything’s healthy!

I look at people showing off their exotic breakfast bowls on Instagram and it makes me drool… hmm. Delish eye candy too. When I feel particularly fired, I do this arrangement of fruits scooped out to little balls, arranged with berries, nuts and seeds – and sometimes, if I’m in a real sinful mood, I add a dash of black currant ice cream. But it sure costs – exotic fruits, special ice cream or Greek yoghurt and an assortment of nuts.So, here’s my hack to a beautiful smoothie bowl. Store-bought granola, locally available fruits and our very own desi curd – my bowl is nutritious, clickable and delicious as any smoothie bowl out there. Style to bowl you over, for sure.

Another favourite of mine for breakfast is eggs – they’re rich in protein and you can do anything you like with them. It’s easy to poach an egg and they go beautifully with any well-toasted piece of bread. To give my eggy breakfast an Insta-worthy spin, I garnish it with coriander leaves or chives and feature sourdough or a baguette on my plate as opposed to regular bread slices. This is one of the cheapest and easiest recipes to try at home and it tops my list on days I’m in a rush. Come in from my jog and straight to the kitchen in knit top and headband and am out, breakfast in hand in a jiffy!

Or try this egg-in-a-hole: Cut out a circle from a thick slice of bread – use the lid of a round container to cull out the circle. Heat some oil and place the slice on it and gently pour in the spiced egg in the hole. (Some of it will seep out from under – doesn’t matter.) Cover and cook over a low flame, flip over and cook the other side if you need your bread more browned. Makes for a very click-worthy breakfast if you serve it on a plain blue or black plate and garnish it with bits of chopped chives, tomatoes, green and yellow peppers and a mixed dollop of your favourite sauces. 

Another Insta darling and my own personal favourite, pancakes are a delight to have for breakfast. But you don’t have to top yours with sickly sweet compotes or a dollop of butter. Substitute your regular pancake flour with a fibre-rich flour such as ragi or wheat (or a mix of both) and top your pancake with fresh fruits and honey – it’s healthier, you get your dose of fibre and vitamins, and proteins from the eggs in the batter.

What’s your favourite breakfast option in the morning?

Forever yours!

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