Is caffeine really bad for you?

Raise your hand if your mornings are incomplete without a cup of joe or tea. Cathy D’Souza, our wellness expert, breaks the myths related to coffee!

I am pro caffeine whether it comes in a cup of hot coffee, some cocoa, a mug full of soothing tea or even a dark chocolate bar! People say caffeine is bad for health and we should avoid coffee, but I’m here to pop the bubble where coffee is bad – because, it’s absolutely not!

Here are a few reasons why:

Anything in high quantities is BAD
It’s not just coffee, but anything – including sugar, carbs, proteins and even water – is bad when consumed beyond moderations. 2-3 cups of coffee are absolutely harmless for an average working adult! The moment the coffee starts making you jittery (say, after your 3rd cup) it’s too much.

It promotes sleep control and memory
It not only helps you stay up during work hours, but also helps with your memory and learning.

Boost of energy
It shoots up your adrenaline, making you concentrate on the work at hand better. And you have much more energy left after a hard day at work.

It has antioxidants
Caffeine will reduce inflammation in your body and help in digestion.

Also contains amino acids
They sooth your mind and boost your mood as well as your performance!

Breaks down fat!
Who knew coffee helps stimulate your fat cells to break down your fat faster and more efficiently!

Yes, coffee is in fact, good for your health. So is tea and dark chocolate. But, do moderate your caffeine intake. Too much caffeine makes you jittery, anxious and nauseous. Also, if you have a heart condition or are pregnant, caffeine can raise your blood pressure and heart rate slightly right after consumption – so be wary.

Go Coffee!
Forever Yours!

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