Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated!

We’ve all been there – drained after work or college, diving into the unhealthy, short-lived happiness of sugar drinks… Dehydration in the summertime is dangerous. So, here are a few kickass ways to keep the aqua in, and doing it in style, says lifestyle blogger Cathy D’Souza.

Remember the childhood TV ads of a graphic sun sucking energy out of young kids in summer? Well… that happens! Dehydration isn’t just about low energy, dry skin and sunburns – it affects your internal organs like kidney, intestines and your heart! So you need to SUCK IT UP, literally.

Aqua is God.
The easiest way to beat the heat is to drink up. Most people I know in this day and age drink very less compared to the need of the hour. To boost up your everyday water intake, you can pep up the process in a couple of ways.

Buy a fancy bottle – it’s a great investment. Make sure your bottle is clear, so you know how much you’re drinking at all times. Next, add some of your fav fruits and make your regular water tastier. Remember, ‘detox’ is equivalent to body-love! I usually add fresh cut-up strawberries and lemon slices.

Don’t forget the food!
It’s not just the H2O that will get you through this season. You need nutrients that will sustain water in your body as well – mostly electrolytes and carbohydrates. You can find these (sodium, potassium, magnesium) in fresh fruits and water-concentrated veggies.

Eat a few pieces of watermelon right before you work-out. Add more tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas and leafy greens to your menu through the summer. To start your day, make sure you don’t miss that lemon water with honey and a pinch of salt.

Tick tock, water on the clock!
Set reminders. Yes, set reminders, and time your water intake. A friend of mine actually has set up reminders every 45 minutes to drink up. Because of this habit, she refills her 500ml of water bottle 4-5 times in her office hours (that’s over 2 liters of water already, without counting what she drinks before and after work).

Another cool habit is to drink a tall cool glass of water half an hour before bed (so you can go to the bathroom, right before slipping in). And another glass half an hour after you wake up in the morning.

And then, of course, there are some of the general good habits. Always choose water over sodas. If you have options to choose from – whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, sweetened or sugar-free – try to pick a glass of water first. Quench your initial thirst with a glass of water before delving into those yummy sips.

Also, NEVER forget the best substitute for water if aqua isn’t available for some reason – coconut water. This won’t just fill you up with natural hydrating goodness, but get your skin so flawless, you would not need any BB creams or foundations.

Hydrate your life with some well-deserving aqua and self-love!

Forever Yours!

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