Monsoon – your feet’s enemy!

So, prep up for combat, because you need your feet to be happy in order to dance in the rains! Cathy D’Souza, our wellness blogger, has her feet dipped in goodness and she’s ready with her perfected list of foot-care tips!

Mud, puddles, wet socks, moist weather, dirt under your toenails… I can go on and on about this weather messing your feet up. I’ve noticed that the moment it starts raining, we instantly turn all our attention to skin and face care, but we often end-up ignoring our feet.

This weather can not only cause fungal infections, but athlete’s foot and stinky shoes among other major problems.

So, gear up! It’s pretty simple to care for your feet, only if you can spare a few minutes every day!

  • Keep ‘em clean & keep ‘em dry
    While this sounds basic, you tend to ignore this hygiene routine for your feet in the monsoon. Wearing shoes and socks make your feet prone to elongated wet splurges, and not washing your feet after being splattered by mud can hurt the soft goodness too.
    Good thing, that flip flops, mules and sliders are trending, specially the waterproof ones that you can just douse under a tap!
  • Hot water and lemon drops
    Back home from worked with tired feet and exhausted soul? Dip your feet in some hot water and squeeze some lemon into it! This will not only clean your feet and sooth your stress, but also shoo away the bad odor that’s somewhat inevitable!
  • Scrub, scrub, scrub & moisturize!
    Regularly. Use natural products like coffee or crushed apricot with a few drops of honey as scrubs and use some yogurt from your fridge to moisturize, right after. Do this at least twice a week to please your feet.
  • Nail care? File ‘em, clean ‘em, paint em!
    Scrub off all the stagnant dirt from under your nails with a brush and use a basic pumice stone to scour away the dead cells from your toes. Keep your cuticles clean, and paint your toenails bright to reflect your sunshine mood!
  • The oil turmoil? – switch to olives and bananas
    Crushed olives and mashed bananas are all the ‘good moisture’ you need this season, if you want to keep away from the sticky oils.
  • Say no to pedicures – especially the fish ones
    Going to a parlor in this weather and expecting sterilized, clean tools is foolery! It’s hard to do that after every customer. And fish ponds are impossible to completely clean after one or two pedicures! So, keep the infection away and invest in a home pedicure kit, if necessary.
  • Smelly feet? Say hello to your new friend!
    Baking powder. It can do miracles, tbh. Just sprinkle some in your shoes or leave your soles to dry under the fan with some baking powder rubbed onto it. The smell goes away completely, just like a miracle!

Get ready to tap away to the rhythm of the season with happy, soft and healthy feet.

Forever Yours!

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