Summer colors for men? We’re on it!

We’ve come up with a list of fabulous summer colors and looks for guys and we’re loving ‘em! What’s going to be your BAE’s sunny choice?

What we love on men?

Trend #1: Color-blocks!
Can’t wait to see your bae in full color? Get him color-blocked tees and sweatshirts. They’re cool, bright and happy! The brighter, the better!

Trend #2: Warm toned pants
Love, love, love orange and rust pants, don’t we all? Men who can pull off a bright shade of pants is hotter on the spot.

Trend #3: Printed shirts
It’s the style of the season. Whether you have flamingos on your shirt or flowers, some fruits or graphics, we love some fine prints of casual shirts.

Trend #4: Denim on Denim on Denim
They’re never enough. Get your bae to wear open denim shirts with jeans and a white tee and pair the look with denim sneakers!

Gear up men, summer means some eye-candy for the ladies!

Forever yours!

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