The Season of Chai

This monsoon don’t spill the tea, it’s time to drink it. Cathy D’Souza, our wellness blogger, talks over (and about) tea and how it’s lit for the weather!

As monsoon settles in, there’s nothing better than curling up in a fluffy blanket with a book and a cup of something hot, but instead of the regular coffee or hot chocolate, I adore sipping on a good cup of tea.

I love coming home and being able to sip on a delish cup of masala chai, but when I don’t have the energy to gather all the ingredients (which happens quite frequently tbh) I always reach for my tea bags.

In the mornings, I prefer chamomile tea. It rejuvenates me and gives me the energy to go through my mornings enthusiastically. It’s healthy and great for your skin. You’ve heard of using tea bags for puffy eyes? These are the ones to use.

I always finish my lunch with a cup of jasmine tea. Its yummy, fragrant and it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that keep the cold and flu away! With dinner, a cup of white tea is essential, especially because this is the least processed tea and contains lots of antibacterial properties! White tea actually fights several skin conditions, and helps you sleep better.

And finally there’s the newest trending tea on the block – matcha! A Japanese tea, this bright green liquid magic detoxifies your skin from the core! This is skin heaven, so drink it, use it as a face pack, add some matcha in your food… or all of the above.

So watch the rains, dive into your favourite book and give in to the goodness of nature with a cuppa this season! Too hot to drink? Dunk yourself in an iced version of any of these!

Drink it up and say hello to ‘GORGEOUS’!

Forever Yours!

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