When I’m Happy, My Instagram Page Reflects It

It’s the parallel to a cluttered or minimal home reflecting the state of your mind: A happy mind mirrors one’s Instagram feedor vice versa

I am an Instagram addict – I am constantly posting new content and constantly trying newer ways to make my feed look prettier (my latest obsession is this app that helps all the pictures of my feed look like they’ve been shot in a similar colour). However, there are days when I just want to lie back, not post a single picture or story on my feed. These are, coincidentally, also the days that I am feeling low and not as full of life as usual.

I’ve drawn a pattern between my Instagram behaviour and my state of mind. The days I wake up and want to create fun content are the days I am the happiest and brimming with ideas. Sometimes, as a writer, I face writer’s-block, and those are the days I am completely unable to think creatively. If I do end up posting on one of these ‘low’ days, the picture or the story is usually dreary, dark and not as colourful as the rest of the pictures on my feed. I have a new term for this phenomenon because my friends and colleagues go through similar experiences – I like to call it #GloomGram or GG.

Have you experienced something similar? Tell me in the comments below.

Forever yours!

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