Winter Care Guidebook!

Yes, winters are all about festivals and gifts and lights… warm clothes, cozy blankets and hot cocoa! But amidst all of this snugly comfort, we tend to miss out on our health and wellbeing. Wellness expert, Cathy D’Souza, talks about winter self-care.

It’s the season of comfort, but also chilly dry winds, lots of unhealthy desires and infections all around! So, wrap up in a trendy cardigan and colourful socks and dive in with great health into winter with my simple tricks!

  1. Craving too much carbs? Blame the winter and walk away. The cold will leave you longing for pizzas, breads, rice and other carbs. Say no, and eat the usual amount, if not less.
  2. Mushrooms are your friends. They warm you up, boost your immunity against the cold and flu, have natural antibiotics and fight off many viruses! And the best part? There’s nothing like a creamy bowl of mushroom soup on a cold winter night.
  3. The orange love! Go for the trio of good old orange food – carrots, pumpkins and oranges. They’ll keep your roughage, vitamins and energy in check.
  4. Wear the right clothes. Warm, fuzzy and layered up is what you need to be through the season! And trends are on your side, with layering one of the biggest hits on the ramps.
  5. Saunas and steam rooms are your daily saviour. Steam rooms will not just make you feel better, but kill all the unwanted germs and keep your skin healthy.
  6. Moisturize and hydrate. Do not forget either.

Take care of yourself this winter, don’t laze around too much.

Forever Yours!

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